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24th Dec 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3
Sooo season 3 was a farce:

My TH levels = 117 vs 132,147,153,140,129,144,147

Final battle my 1xTH12 & 1xTH10 against 2xTH12 1xTH11 5xTH10
Battle 3: 3xTH12 3xTH11 & 5xTH10

By some miracle and some TH7 vs TH10 action - managed to secure 3rd place (which sucked less than some clans whose leader even dipped in CWL - LOL)
6th Dec 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3 replied to the topic Clan Desperate: PLEASE HELP!!!
The moment you realize that your war clan is in trouble - Nobody wants to war ...
22nd Nov 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3
Ok people 2 Wars 2 sets of breakdowns:

Season 1.S1 <Semp> WW* 117 - Opposition: 118,121,122,136,130,117,123 Record 7-0

Season 2.G3 <Semp> WW* 113 - Opposition: 132,138,135,136,129,133,128 Record 7-0

Season 3.G2 <Semp> will be hitting on avg. 2 tiers higher per attack, WTH Supercell.

*Cumulative Town Hall level.
18th Nov 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3
Just WOW or LOL !
I was going to point out the ridiculous mismatch of cumulative respective war weights of 135 vs 113
1 TH 12 each: 1 TH 10 vs 5: 3 TH9 vs 2: 4 TH8 vs 2 basically meaning practically every hit for them was a dip and for me was a hit up. This also from a level 10 clan - they used 14 of 15 hits and only missed 1 TH7 attack - We won on % - HAHAHA!

Odds on for promotion again - already averaging a tier lower on every player - heaven knows what it will be like next year.

12th Nov 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3 replied to the topic A COWARD for a clan leader!
Just leaving this here:
23rd Oct 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3 created a new topic Road triples an Engineered TH12 with TH9 defences!
Sigh! Roadwarrior bit sad complaining about Engineering when you are a Gemmed TH...
20th Oct 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3 replied to the topic <Defiance> Omega - Consider this ........
<Semper.Fi> has now equalled <Defiance> Omega War win record of 226. Doing so i...
12th Oct 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3
When #123 World Ranked TH10 meets #61 - there can only be one! Perfected no win 557 for you.
1st Oct 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3
#20UVLGJ0G Another Useless Chinese Engineering Clan - take your draw, saddos. You would've lost without those TH11 troops. TH11 vs TH10 thx again supercell
19th Sep 2018 [EPIC] admin-j4n1n3
Red Eyez Berlin - Another Engineering Clan - #8VLY0Q2L
LVL 11 Clan with TH12's & TH11's not warring - 1x Max TH10 3x Engineered TH9
Gems TH10 to TH11 Gems Lab to LVL 9 Cooks TH10 army + Power potion (thx Supercell)
Gems TH9 to TH10 Gems Lab to LVL 8 Cooks TH9 army + Power potion (thx again Supercell)
So now fighting against 1 TH11 1 TH10 and 2 TH9's with Max troops and Max donators - Nice Balance.

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